Verizon 43 & ComCast 8

What is ComCast “Cable” 8/Verizon 43?

Cable 8 or Verizon 43 is the local access station in Canton, Massachusetts. Community events along with volunteer programs appear on this station.

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This Week’s Schedule for

“The Community Station”

     Verizon 43 & ComCast 8

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Link to Community Videos on the web
Link to Community Videos on the web

Veteran’s Memorial Park Dedication Honoring American Legion Post #24

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(May 24-29)

6 AM, Noon, 6 PM

Honoring Canton Veterans:

Canton Veteran’s Agent Tony Andreotti had interviewed cozens of Canton Veterans about their service in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(May 24-29)

7 AM, 1 PM, 7 PM

CCOA Senior Center Presentation:  

Canton Police Officer Bob Zepf with police dog “Dunkin” demonstrate how the dog detects narcotics. Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(May 24-29)

11 AM, 5 PM


Thank you Maura Sullivan for

all you did for all of us.

Dedication Ceremony of Station 2.

The retired late Chief Fitzpatrick was

public service in action.

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Lion’s Club Pancake Breakfast

Massasoit trains students on specific corporate needs.

Little League Opening Day in Canotn

St. John’s School ‘‘Weather Project” 2018