Verizon 43 & ComCast 8

What is ComCast “Cable” 8/Verizon 43?

Cable 8 or Verizon 43 is the local access station in Canton, Massachusetts. Community events along with volunteer programs appear on this station.

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This Week’s Schedule for

“The Community Station”

     Verizon 43 & ComCast 8

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Link to Community Videos on the web
Link to Community Videos on the web


Democratic nominee for President and 2x former Massachusetts governor Mike Dukakis comes to Canton and speaks on

current events

The Blue Hills Civic presents Victor

Del Vecchio and Lisa Lopez

the Richard J. Elkort Canton Citizens of the Year Award by

Avril Elkort at the Blue Hills Civic

Massasoit Honors Celebration Dec. 2018

Canton Public Library Presentation: Filmmaker Craig Dudnick on “Alice’s Ordinary People” Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(March 14-20)

6 AM, Noon, 6 PM, 12:30 AM

Canton Public Library Open Book Coffeehouse:

Featuring Folk Rock with Jon McAuliffe

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(March 14-20)

7 AM, 1 PM,  7 PM

Canton Conversations: 

Guest Canton Superintendent Jennifer Fischer-Mueller Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(March 14-20)

9 AM, 3 PM, 9 PM,

Main Street of February:

Massasoit Art Exhibit, JFK’s Peter Pan Play, Featured Guest Canton Parks and Recreation Director Elizabeth Francis, CHS Hockey behind the scenes with CCTV, CHS Hockey and Basketball Senior Nights, and more. Repeats Friday-Wed.

(March 14-20)

10 AM, 4 PM, 10 PM