Verizon 43 & ComCast 8

What is ComCast “Cable” 8/Verizon 43?

Cable 8 or Verizon 43 is the local access station in Canton, Massachusetts. Community events along with volunteer programs appear on this station.

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This Week’s Schedule for

“The Community Station”

     Verizon 43 & ComCast 8

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Link to Community Videos on the web
Link to Community Videos on the web

Candidates Forum: Sponsored by the Blue Hill Civic Association and CHS Chapter of the Junior State of America  

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(March 22-27)

6 AM, 11 AM, 4 PM, 9 PM, 11 PM

Canton Public Library Author Presentation: Esther Adler on her book “Best Friends, a Bond that Survived Hitler” Presented by The Hadassah Sharon-Stoughton Chapter: Repeats Thursday-Sun.

(March 22-25)

8 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM

Orchard Cove Presentation: Panel Discussion of Premier viewing of the film: “We Are Jews from Breslau” with Orchard Cove Resident and Holocaust Survivor Esther Adler

Repeats Thursday-Sun.

(March 22-25)

9:30 AM, 2:30 PM, 7:30 PM

Physician Focus: 

Repeats Thursday-Sun.

(March 22-25)

10:30 AM, 3:30 PM, 8:30 PM


Thank you Maura Sullivan for

all you did for all of us.

Dedication Ceremony of Station 2.

The retired late Chief Fitzpatrick was

public service in action.

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