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CCTV uses freelancers to guarantee coverage of Canton’s local government meetings. We cover the selectmen, health board, conservation, zoning, planning board, finance committee and others. You can watch those meetings on this station unedited and often live on the days they meet. (They have to meet in the Salah Room to be seen live.) And now, you can see meetings from town hall a few days later on the web where you can scroll to the part of the meeting of interest to you.

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Selectmen of Dec. 2

See notes and links below

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Dec. 11-16)

9 AM, 6 PM

Conservation Commission of Dec. 10

Repeats Thursday-Tues. 

(Dec. 11-16)

6 AM, 3 PM, Midnight

Zoning Board of Dec. 11

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Dec 12-16)

Noon, 9 PM

Link to written summaries of older meetings not seen on this page:
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CCTV profiles Greg Pando. Click the photo for an excerpt.

Click here for the full web replay.

Zoning Board members from left: Kevin Feeney (alternate member), Greg Pando, Chairman Paul Carroll, John Marini and secretary, Velma Coffey.

Canton’s Finance Director Jim Murgia (right) pictured with Kathy Butters explains in a  Canton Community TV Programming Special how the town budget is put together for Annual Town Meeting. To see the hour long program in its entirety, click here.

School Committee Meetings are on the Student Station:

ComCast 12 and

Verizon 41.

Visit the School Page for meeting summaries. School Committee meetings are also available on the web and can be linked to more easily from the Student Page.

FinCom now has its own website with additional information.

Link to FinCom website

This week’s Schedule for the

“Government Station”

Verizon 42 and ComCast 22

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Click photo to Selectmen John Connolly talk with Republic Services about how to use the new automated trash system, what to do with bulk items, and how to recycle. The new trash barrels will be dropped off starting Monday. System starts July 7th.

See related “Canton Citizen” story.

After several meetings the selectmen vote to re-approve a round-about on Pleasant Street near Devol Field. Some changes might include pedestrian lights and designing it so that a resident does not have to back in to the circle from his driveway.

The selectmen had approved the round-about during the summer but neighbors were not directly notified and were upset when they learned about the plan. However, after several subsequent meetings and subsequent studies, the selectmen were convinced that the round-about is still the best way to slow traffic and keep the wide intersection safe.

Link to related “Canton Citizen” story:

Pleasant Street “Round About” Construction

finish date is November 21st.

Selectmen of Sept. 30, 2014

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

Click hyperlink to see the tape of the meeting.

Contractor to developers of University station for improvements to Washington and Chapman Street presents conceptual improvement plan.

--Proposed traffic signal.

--Widen Washington Street for an exclusive right hand turn on Chapman.

--Exclusive left for going on to Washington Street.

--Wider shoulders for Bike lanes and improved sidewalks

--Some minor widening on South side for left on to Chapman. And bike accommodation.

Goals was not to take properties on abutters. So propose to get rid of island. Better sidewalk on Chapman.

Public Comments:

Concern about how much room will be for cars making left on to Washington and waiting at Dedham Street lights. Also concern about the pedestrians going to the little convenience store. Also concerns for cyclists riding against right on reds.

Traffic expert:

New off-ramp on I95 will also help to remove local traffic because there will be a much more logical network.

Chair is a Chapman Street resident. Witnessed an SUV going on its roof to avoid a car pulling out of Chapman. Tried to get them out of the window because door was crushed. Heard a police officer say his civilian car was totaled on Chapman. Both happened in past year. Funding is coming from Westwood Station mitigation. Also will look for a truck exclusion for Dedham and Chapman. But you have to wait until you have the off-ramp alternatives in place.

Kirby Drive discussion.

Discussion on work hours for road construction and changes.

Residents feel the contractor is starting earlier than agreed, causing traffic problems.


Fees for programs:

Arts program at the Gridley school.

Training will take place for FBI at Plymouth Rubber. May hear small explosive sounds as part of training.

The construction of Westwood Station will impact Canton residents.

To help mitigate the traffic problems there are preposed new traffic designs for the areas expected to be affected.

Link here to the related “Canton Citizen” story.

Stay informed. Follow CCTV and the Canton Citizen on Twitter, watch the local meetings on CCTV and follow related links in the ‘‘Canton Citizen.

Zoning Board of Appeals of October 9, 2014

Neighbor concerns over the building of a home proposed in a very old neighborhood has a Leonard Street hearing continued to November 6th, 2014.

Selectmen of Nov. 5

Selectmen vote to hold a special town meeting for a proposal for the Plymouth Rubber site for January 25th, 2015.

The petitioner will appear before the Planning Board and the school committee this week to discuss the impact of the proposal. Watch here for video links and for related articles in the “Canton Citizen.” Click the underlined to see the meeting or check TV times below:

Special Note:

Twitter feed from Planning Board Chairman Jeremy Comeau said the petitioner has decided not to go forward

with the special ATM (Annual Town Meeting) but may come before the regular ATM in May.

Zoning Board of 11-6-24

Neighbors speak against project that requires unanimous support of the Zoning board.

Selectmen of November 18, 2014

Matt Casamento  and W.T. Khoury hold their commendations from the Canton Board of Selectmen, which proclaimed November 18, 2014 to be "Matt Casamento Day" and "W.T. Khoury Day"

in the town of Canton for their fast action that prevented the spread of a fire on Washington Street.

Selectmen of Dec. 4, 2014: 

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

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Proposed on the former Cumberland Farms location is a golf entertainment center.

Change of Management at Irish Cultural Center. 

Tax rates are set

New business on Washington Street

Department Capital Budgets: 

Counsel on Aging: 

Transit system demands increasing. Need a new van with a working chair lift


Needs new Ranger vehicle. 

Fire Dept:

Charlie Doody. 

EMS Items. (Ambulance services) 

Defibrillator replacements and chest compression devices 

Life Pack: EKG and life support readings 

Fire protective gear needed. Outfits are ten years old. (Cost may be decreased by a federal grant.)

Engine 2 needs to be refurbished at half-life.

Chief vehicle replacement. 

Dispatch regional upgrade will be 90K. 

Police Dept:

Ken Berkowitz 

4 Cars 

tzars for about 7K

Body cameras (Unclear on the cost.)

Chair said Boston didn’t want body cams and wondered if they were alluding to something else but the chair’s point was lost. Executive secretary tries to clarify and says they need to discuss it with the officers and the Chief said that they want ‘’buy-in’’ from their officers on all policies. Feels it is a great tool and increases safety and memorializes the great job they do. 

Vests replacement (18) 

Transfer of a Norwood officer to Canton. 

Public Works, Mike Trotta:

Looking to replace a patch truck. 72K

Superintendent’s car and put auto-reading devices in that. 75 miles on it. 

Replace that car with a new ford explorer for the Superintendent. 

Indian lane tank repeater on Washington St. is 18K. 

Bolivar Street garage. Security system. 60K. 10 cameras. 

Enclosed trailer to paint road. Speed signs. street pavement 

Mains need to be replaced for capacity and will be difficult to do this work. (Has a long list of streets that this will impact.) 

Need to have reporting and management better in one document. 

Mechanic Street, Rockland, Howard Mains amongst the oldest in town. It is 2.6 million project. Includes design and construction. Will be destructive because the streets are narrow. 

200K for water garage improvements. Gives two bathrooms. Better heat. Some of the interior can be done in-house. 


Additional parking for possible barn renovation. 

Information Systems Manager, Louis Jutras:

80K for six items:

Copiers for police and fire

Software for cemetery 

Network backup consolidation. So not everything is on all kinds of media formats. 

Video and security systems software for town hall and Pequitside.

Tax, W-2 archival information upgrade for smart devices. 

Computer replacements. 

Jim Murgia, Finance Director explanation

Schools did not identify all their capacity. Rolled in to this year. 1.420 Million debt capital. 

Library Mark Lague:

28K for carpeting: 

Round-about update:

Crossing will be installed. Landscaping in the spring. Substantially completed. Motorists are becoming orientated. Some redirected traffic will stop invading neighborhoods as it is completed. It’ll happen again when spring arrives and walk painting and beautification is done.