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CCTV uses freelancers to guarantee coverage of Canton’s local government meetings. We cover the selectmen, health board, conservation, zoning, planning board, finance committee and others. You can watch those meetings on this station unedited and often live on the days they meet. (They have to meet in the Salah Room to be seen live.) And now, you can see meetings from town hall a few days later on the web where you can scroll to the part of the meeting of interest to you.

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Link to Government Meetings on the webhttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phphttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_1_link_0

Paul Revere Heritage Commission Aug. 20

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Aug. 27-Sept. 1)

6 AM, 3 PM

Selectmen of Aug. 25

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Aug. 27-Sept. 1)

7 AM, 4 PM, 9 PM

Blue Ribbon Traffic Committee of Aug. 26

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Aug. 27-Sept. 1)

9 AM, 6 PM

Zoning Board of Aug. 27

Live Thursday, Aug. 27 at 7 PM

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Aug. 27-Sept. 1)

Noon, 11 PM

Link to written summaries of older meetings not seen on this page:
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CCTV profiles Greg Pando. Click the photo for an excerpt.

Click here for the full web replay.

Zoning Board members from left: Kevin Feeney (alternate member), Greg Pando, Chairman Paul Carroll, John Marini and secretary, Velma Coffey.

Canton’s Finance Director Jim Murgia (right) pictured with Kathy Butters explains in a  Canton Community TV Programming Special how the town budget is put together for Annual Town Meeting. To see the hour long program in its entirety, click here.

School Committee Meetings are on the Student Station:

ComCast 12 and

Verizon 41.

Visit the School Page for meeting summaries. School Committee meetings are also available on the web and can be linked to more easily from the Student Page.

FinCom now has its own website with additional information.

Link to FinCom website

This week’s Schedule for the

“Government Station”

Verizon 42 and ComCast 22

Click here to link to Past Government Meetings on the webhttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phphttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phphttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1

Click photo to Selectmen John Connolly talk with Republic Services about how to use the new automated trash system, what to do with bulk items, and how to recycle. The new trash barrels will be dropped off starting Monday. System starts July 7th.

See related “Canton Citizen” story.

Zoning Board of January, 8th, 2015

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

Banner change at Audubon. Reebok security fence. Children’s World on Turnpike hours change. Brewery on 110 Shawmut Street is granted with sales.

50 Betrice way is granted a new dwelling.

Accessory apartment is not seen favorably by the board for 1 Navaho Drive. ZBA guides applicant toward seeking counsel to see if there is a way to go around restrictions.

Selectmen listen to capital requests for Fiscal 2015, including body cameras and

tasers for the police department. DPW has a capital request of 2.6 million for new

water mains. Click photo for more notes on the meeting and a link to the

related ‘‘Canton Citizen ‘‘ article.   

Selectmen of Jan. 13, 2015:

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

Moment of silence for people who served Canton. 

Merit badge and general business.

School Committee Chair Cindy Thomas and Superintendent Jeffrey Granatino appear before the selectmen to discuss an addition for the Hansen. Hansen needs to replace modules. 482 students attend. Full day kindergarten, special education programs in to the district and growth all impact the elementary schools. Replace modules and add a second floor. Fire road might be needed. 

Sprinklers is a new requirement. Roof might need replacement. Some options to effect the bottom line. There is a debt exclusion override possibilty. 

Selectman says the school was built in the 1970’s and today the school is  a disgrace. Selectmen asks if the eight new rooms will be better. Told this will be permanent construction. Selectman says he went to the Hansen. Told he then must be familiar with the principal’s office. Also will have ADA requirements. Selectmen ask if we actually needing a second elementary school. Response is that the numbers aren’t there yet and operating costs of a new facility are high. 

Discussion on the impact of the Plymouth Rubber site. School Committee member John Bonnanzio talks about trying to limit school enrollment impact. This current Plymouth Rubber project seems to have less of an impact. Hard to project what the future holds for enrollment. Still, the school committee representatives and superintendent does not think there is a need for a new school. This solution, more rooms, will ease the current problem. Also space utilization is important. With special needs, sometimes the need is for smaller rooms, not standard sized rooms and this will use space more efficiently. 

Full day kindergarten is $3,500. Half-day is required by law. Selectmen invite them back when the have firm numbers for the project. 

General business includes donations to police. Also 50K donated to the veteran’s services. 

Looking to restore town planner position. Brookline town planner is being recommended. 

Updated town meeting schedule. Operating budget will be before town meeting. Department heads will come before selectmen. Central dispatch is being discussed. Could cost half-million. May begin to consolidate DPW buildings. Custodial needs being discussed with the Counsel on Aging.

Recreation department marketing and titles. Mission statement approval. 

General business. 


Sal Salvatori announces he will not be seeking reelection and thanks the board. 

Executive session for collective bargaining.  

Selectmen of March 10, 2015:

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

Victor Del Vecchio joins remotely. 

Finance Director’s update:

Short term borrowing $800K. Eastern Bank gave .5% interest :

Some projects:

370K school windows

320K Fire boxes, truck repairs, building repairs

13 Year bonds:

Water meters

Ladder truck 800K

School windows 750K

DPW vehicles 400K 

School Projects:

Windows at Hansen 

Roof at Rodman

Roof at high school

Town Administrator on Municipal budget:

Dealing with shortfalls: Ongoing contract negotiations. Town may delete 530K to civilian dispatch. 

Still need to deal with shortfalls even with 530K. There are suggested reductions. Formal recommendations are forth coming. Local aid is still unknown. 

Fiscal 16 is not a bad year despite the shortfalls. 

Town election will be April 7.

42 Articles at the town meeting. Selectmen votes on articles should take place on April 24th. Long night because there will be an executive session. Maybe it should start early. 

Health care reform changes. Plan design for town savings. Labor counsel looked at what was approved by selectmen. Concern over exclusion 75/25 for premiums. Also worry about how that relates to retired persons. Premiums will not increase for coming year. Town and employees shared in that savings. However unions should be recognized for their cooperation over past several years for shifting some burden on to the employees and cooperating with the town. Approved PEC agreement. 

Snow and Ice roof cleaning.

Using a vender for removing snow.

Water has infiltrated a lot of municipal buildings. Nine claims. Library. Town hall. Neponset St., Water building on Pine. Police station. 

Town will take photographs. 

Town has tried to minimize the damage by roof clearing. Slate roofs are difficult to clear. 

Rink: Roof collapse. Grateful that nobody was hurt. 

Public feedback. Limitation of people’s ability to speak to the media. Media inquires need to be managed. Used emergency response manual. Work with media and public once the facts are accurate then shared. One point of contact. Used all over the country. Single spoke person for media interaction. 

This was the fire chief in this case. All town departments responded with this in mind. Town related this to the press and website the day of the event and on Monday when more was known. 

Roof collapse actions: Reached out to Norwood Youth Hockey, including counseling services if needed. Thank them for how well they evacuated the rink. Also got their personal belongings. 

DCR was coordinated with Canton’s insurance. Appraiser has gone to the site. Took steps to schedule their comprehensive examination. 

Fencing has been added. Limits determination is made. Coverage for replacement V. depreciation replacement. Compensation for loss of revenue.

Strategic uses to insure the best outcome for the town. Canton’s structural engineer will take a look at it. Coordinate DCR and town insurance. 

The rink will not be operating at least form now to June 30th of 2016. 

Maybe the state could help with expediting the process as far as legislative relief. 

Thanks go out to Janet Maguire, Recreations director. 

Dedham Street Traffic calming update. There are practical recommendations that the neighbors have brought forward. 

Black and Blue this Thursday at Canton Public library at 7Pm.