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CCTV uses freelancers to guarantee coverage of Canton’s local government meetings. We cover the selectmen, health board, conservation, zoning, planning board, finance committee and others. You can watch those meetings on this station unedited and often live on the days they meet. (They have to meet in the Salah Room to be seen live.) And now, you can see meetings from town hall a few days later on the web where you can scroll to the part of the meeting of interest to you.

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Selectmen of Aug. 23

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(Aug. 25-30)

6 AM, 2:30 PM, 11 PM

Zoning Board of Aug. 25

Repeats Friday-Tues.

(Aug. 26-30)

8:30 AM, 5 PM

Conservation of Aug. 24

Repeats Friday-Tues.

(Aug. 26-30)

11:30 AM, 8 PM

Link to written summaries of older meetings not seen on this page:
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CCTV profiles Greg Pando. Click the photo for an excerpt.

Click here for the full web replay.

Zoning Board members from left: Kevin Feeney (alternate member), Greg Pando, Chairman Paul Carroll, John Marini and secretary, Velma Coffey.

Canton’s Finance Director Jim Murgia (right) pictured with Kathy Butters explains in a  Canton Community TV Programming Special how the town budget is put together for Annual Town Meeting. To see the hour long program in its entirety, click here.

School Committee Meetings are on the Student Station:

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Visit the School Page for meeting summaries. School Committee meetings are also available on the web and can be linked to more easily from the Student Page.

FinCom now has its own website with additional information.

Link to FinCom website

This week’s Schedule for the

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In a brief afternoon meeting, Selectmen appointed members of the committee that will recommend the replacement for retiring Town Administrator, Bill Friel. A representatives from the School Committee, CABI (business association), from the board of selectmen and a resident were voted in. Jody Middleton, HR Director, will serve as a non-voting member. Click the photo to see the meeting.

Selectmen of November 10, 2015

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

Four names are given to the selectmen for the Town Administrator position.

How did you come to these four candidates?

Thirteen met the qualifications criteria given by the selectmen. Done similar to a request for proposal. An outside agency found candidates that met qualifications. Committee went line by line each application. They spoke to some and whittled it down. There were robust discussions. Some had to be voted to come to a majority decision. Some distant candidate interviews were done by the telephone and Skype some came in person. Came to four. Two clearly are capable. The other two are qualified but served in smaller towns and this would be a perfect step up. 

How much time did you spend getting to this list?

Some were cropped off pretty quickly if there was agreement. The ones that had yeses went in to the pool and some maybes. Lot of behind the scene prep work and the search committee members were prepared when when came to the meetings and our notes were compared at the meetings. Background checks have been made on the four candidates coming forward. 

Parks and Recreation: 

Kayak and canoeing at Bolivar. But better to be run in-house. Insurance protection and water testing must be done well. Will work with Health Board. 

Reservoir Pond Study:Tim Richard Town Planner

Lights on LED cost is close to estimate. Installation may be going in within the next month. Wentworth Pole 5 and 8 are out. Selectmen want a better response time for replacement. The response is that it might take two months for the town to be turned over and LEDs last longer. 

Bike Hike and Walk committee. Workshop. (Covered by CCTV. Link at this spot soon.) Nice document that might help guide the town. Forge Pond trail went with Selectman Burr and decided to wait a year to cut cost. Want to drop the plan so it cost is reasonable. 

Concern about MAPC Rez study. Report in March is not soon enough. Too much passion about this issue to let go that far down the line for action at Town Meeting. Town counsel is looking at the MAPC scope. 

Rink update:

Processing of claim of document. Damage and findings and further evaluations. Frustrated that the report is not complete. This is a draft report and still do not have a complete report. This delays payment for insurance. Grant applications are impacted. Magnitude of claims because of the record storm. Construction specialist will review draft report. Many steps still need to take pace. Deductibles. Exclusions, etc. Because the town does not own the property there are many interests involved. Trying to expedite it. It is a front and center issue but it’s taking time and the insurance company is taking their time due to the size and scope of the damage. 

President of Canton Youth hockey. Emotionally attached to that building. 515 children are served. Wanted to put a face to what they are up against. Thanks Mr. Friel for his attention and for keeping him in the loop. The kids have to travel and exceeds their budget. Neighboring towns have been very helpful. Also works in the financial world and has seen claim processes so understands difficulties. Passions are high. Rumors swell. Canton Youth Hockey was instrumental at getting this asset to the town back in 1980. Knows Canton has paid insurance premiums. 

Selectmen say they are also very frustrated. Met with all the players and the report is incomplete when promised in October. (Chairman says he feels words he can’t say on TV.) The Chairman hates that it’s not torn down. Town does have recourse if there is a claim conflict. Selectman cautions that they need to cooperate to get the rebuild. It’s a multi-million dollar claim. And a lawsuit might bring faster action but perhaps not the desired result. 

General Business: ATM town votes. 

Dedham Street corridor: 

Concern about ramp timeline. Who is responsible for maintenance. 

General business

Fence near Pleasant Street dam. ConCom talked to the homeowner. Potentially on town property. Homeowner was told they cannot do anything without ConCom approval.