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CCTV uses freelancers to guarantee coverage of Canton’s local government meetings. We cover the selectmen, health board, conservation, zoning, planning board, finance committee and others. You can watch those meetings on this station unedited and often live on the days they meet. (They have to meet in the Salah Room to be seen live.) And now, you can see meetings from town hall a few days later on the web where you can scroll to the part of the meeting of interest to you.

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CCTV profiles Greg Pando. Click the photo for an excerpt.

Click here for the full web replay.

Zoning Board members from left: Kevin Feeney (alternate member), Greg Pando, Chairman Paul Carroll, John Marini and secretary, Velma Coffey.

Canton’s Finance Director Jim Murgia (right) pictured with Kathy Butters explains in a  Canton Community TV Programming Special how the town budget is put together for Annual Town Meeting. To see the hour long program in its entirety, click here.

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Visit the School Page for meeting summaries. School Committee meetings are also available on the web and can be linked to more easily from the Student Page.

FinCom now has its own website with additional information.

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Link to Government Meetings on the webhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/cantoncommunitytv/http://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_5_link_0
Link to Government Meetings on the webhttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phphttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_6_link_0

Click photo to Selectmen John Connolly talk with Republic Services about how to use the new automated trash system, what to do with bulk items, and how to recycle. The new trash barrels will be dropped off starting Monday. System starts July 7th.

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Selectmen of Sept. 16

Repeats Thursday-Tues. 

(Sept. 25-30)

8 AM, 2:30 PM, 9 PM

Planning Board of Sept. 17

Repeats Thursday-Tues. 

(Sept. 25-30)

6 AM, 12:30 PM, 7 PM

Zoning Board of Sept. 18

Repeats Friday-Tues. 

(Sept. 25-30)

10:30 AM, 5 PM, 11:30 PM

Residents come to make public comment on the round-about approved on Pleasant St.

at the Selectmen’s meeting on August 12th. Most felt they should have been notified of the

round-about with a letter or e-mail.

See related ‘‘Canton Citizen Story” by linking to underlined and click photo above to see the

meeting on the web.

Selectmen of Aug. 26, 2014

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They may contain errors of fact or impression. Click hyperlink to see the tape of the meeting.

New Pole proposal-N-Star-Verizon:

Resident says the pole is drooping because another pole got hit. Prefers they fix the damaged poles rather than put up another near him. Said he had complained about it but was told a light not working on the pole was his responsibility and when asked about fixing the broken pole, said he was told by Verizon it was not their responsibility.

Said there are 24 wires. Resident wants the old poles fixed and believes that will fix the drooping wires. Selectmen state concerns about these double poles in town. Verizon will examine the problem further and table the petition.

Energy/Algonquin Gas Transmission Line Right of way project manager, Frank S. Gessner with Jon Bonsall.

Ways of transmitting gas line. Look at easement via town counsel and be sure it stays limited to this purpose and time.

Motion/Vote: Approved

Finance Director, Jim Murgia

Accounting office position grade changes.

Motion/Vote: Approved

Pleasant Street Round-About:

Traffic study regarding bad intersection is mentioned. Also changes based on resident input. Scenic way rules did not apply. Vehicle size taken in to consideration, fire, etc. Though the town administrator said the selectmen’s meetings on this project took place on cable and was in the local papers over a period of time, the town takes responsibility for not communicating well to abutters. However the town feels that the design is good and that concern regarding the design may be more informational than fact based. A third party engineer overlooked the design. Agreed with round-about solution.

Chair explains he directed this engineer overlook the study who is respected in the industry and helped the town overlook the important impact of Westwood Station. Said engineer noted that the round-about would slow traffic down and had six tweaks to improve it further. Town will ask DPW to see if those adjustments make sense.

Resident disagrees with speed survey study methods and results. No pedestrian counts yet justifies the round about because of pedestrian traffic. No crash history. DPW and Police say crash levels are not high from 2001-2014. No pedestrian accidents. Survey was collected over four hours. Monday and Fridays are not used because volume is higher. Yet the study used a Monday. No automatic devices over multiple days was used which is the standard for a preposed major change in traffic patters. Manual counts are error prone. Pleasant Street would have delays. Only one observer over four pathways during peak hours. Round-About solution came from a report that has incorrect data. Residents support their representative with applause. Chair asks for order.

Resident that drives through area agrees and feels it is flawed data and wants the board to look at the study again. Another says they work in Dedham. Down shifting with large trucks is terrible. Doesn’t understand how it will be safer since nobody’s ever been hurt. Never seen a backup. Never seen a need for a change. A parent worries about their children walking to Flood Market. Another asks if the selectmen know this is a bus area as well. Young cyclists says round-about might be crossed easier. Residents says it may be a waste of money. Benefit V. spending is low. Worries about line of sight in a round-about.

Chair said the cost estimate about 250K. Another 100K in paving that needs to be done anyway.

Another resident says getting out on to Pleasant is blind. It is a hazard. Wants the rotary. Never petrified going in to a rotary but petrified to go out on to Pleasant because he cannot see. Thanks the selectmen for a forward looking road system. Resident appreciates selectmen keeping her personal safety in mind because of where her home is located in relation to the rotary. Has an inexperienced driver at home. Scared by proposal. Town is working on her issue. Resident reminds selectmen that there is a ball field there. Cars attention is taken by a game going on. Now traffic will circle the game.

Selectman lived on Pleasant Street feels it is too fast. A traffic signal is an alternative but not as good because it will cause more delays. A lot of neighbors support it. Neighbor interrupts and says you can reduce speed with paint. Want to look at studies and not opinions. Second selectman says have to weigh interest of the entire town. Feels maybe residents data could be compared to the town data. Folks in favor of things don’t attend meetings. Selectman doesn’t want to wait for an injury. Their engineers tell them it is the right action. Resident asked about rippled cement. Wanted abutters to be notified by mail. People are away during the summer and didn’t know.

Chair said notices are in the paper. Hearings on cable. This was given to us by engineering department. Acknowledges need to do a better job communicating. Cement solution is noisy. Resident says trucks are designed so that he’ll hear downshifting coming to rotary. Chair wants to error on the side safety. Resident says he is happy to provide what he feels is correct data. Told then to meet with third party uninvested engineer.

General business:

Canton Recreation:

Fee proposals

Residential solid waste overflow.—

Bulk materials for drop-off. DEP approval for overflow and burnable bulk. Hudson needs work. Canton needs a fenced in area.

Executive session for litigation.

Selectmen of Sept. 16, 2014

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They are not town minutes or official in any way. They may contain errors of fact or impression.

Click hyperlink to see the tape of the meeting.

Acorn Estates:

Related to the Avalon project. LIP application for funding.

Motion/Vote: Approved.

Round About on Bolivar and Pleasant St.

Third party review by traffic engineer discusses his findings.

Chairman says there are areas in town that need to be looked at in part due to Westwood Station.

Many those in the public have repeated concerns from previous meetings. Concerns range from questioning why the rotary was proposed--there is no problem here--to questioning the data. Others concerns included truck sounds as they slow to get around the roundabout.

A residents said that they fear crossing from Lincolnshire Drive to Bolivar and wants the round-about.

Engineer said four way stop intersections slow traffic to a literal stop. Round-about seems like a good solution for the intersections.

Chair asks about pedestrian crossing signals. Engineer said they typically cost about 10K.

Board voted to approve the round-bout.

Pine Street bulk and Hudson Road:

-State approval is needed to move the dumpster to Pine Street. Board suspends Hudson Road until state approval of Pine Street.

-Approval of license “Waterfall Bar and Grille.”

-Increase rate of pay to minimum wage for election works.

-Dedham Street off ramp update.

-Randolph and Turnpike is intersection discussion. Dept. of Trans. will hold public hearings. (CCTV will cover them.)

Construction of University: Town of Westwood Canton and Norwood town administrators to talk about impact of University Ave. because of Westwood station. Because of traffic concerns, work goes will be between 9AM-3PM.

Adjourn to executive session to discuss town contracts.

September 17, 2014

Disclaimer: These notes are for the convenience of CCTV viewers. They may contain errors of fact or impression. Click hyperlink to see the tape of the meeting.

STONEWOOD REALTY TRUST (17 Stonewood Drive) located at the dead ends of Albert Street and Stonewood Drive.

Discussion around resolvable water system.

--Three things to discuss:

--Means of access. Need dead-end street waivers.

--Wetland Crossing: It is a substantial wetland and wetland mitigation. Difficult environmental crossing. ConCom can approve or disapprove.

Albert Road has a sharp curve coming in to Stonewood.

The road is more curved and steeper than is permitted.

May turn that in to a “T” intersection to help with speed.

Board approves a sense of the board vote. Conservation will still play a major role. The board is in agreement on the access issue but now it is time to go to ConCom.

Continued to Oct. 15, 7:05PM.

Turtle Creek:

Near Wayside Lane. Naming of streets.

Bonding requirement will increase and is willing to post property for the bond. Board agrees but wants the land appraised.

Board will also will hold lots.

Board approves street names.


--Waivers on the project regarding granite curbing and parking is met with citizen controversy.

--Waiver to reduce right away.

--Increase pavement as a public interest with no parking.

--Sidewalk on only side.

--Substitute Cape Cod bern rather than granite curbing except at corners.

--Reduced right of away

--Reduced cover on detention basins.

Waivers and subdivision are approved.

Knob Hill

Board wonders if Knob Hill can be done by the town DPW rather than sending the project out to bid.

After several meetings the selectmen vote to re-approve a round-about on Pleasant Street near Devol Field. Some changes might include pedestrian lights and designing it so that a resident does not have to back in to the circle from his driveway.

The selectmen had approved the round-about during the summer but neighbors were not directly notified and were upset when they learned about the plan. However, after several subsequent meetings and subsequent studies, the selectmen were convinced that the round-about is still the best way to slow traffic and keep the wide intersection safe.

Link to related “Canton Citizen” story:

Pleasant Street Round About Construction

Starts Friday, September 26 with an expected completion date of November 21st.