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Zoning Board members from left: Kevin Feeney (alternate member), Greg Pando, Chairman Paul Carroll, John Marini and secretary, Velma Coffey.

Canton’s Finance Director Jim Murgia (right) pictured with Kathy Butters explains in a  Canton Community TV Programming Special how the town budget is put together for Annual Town Meeting. To see the hour long program in its entirety, click here.

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Finance Committee of Feb. 18, 2014

This summary is for the convenience of CCTV viewers. There may be omissions and errors. 

Veterans budget: 

Funerals for the indigent were high this year. 

Tony Andreotti also said that today’s department heads are the best the town has ever seen. 

Library Budget:

Mark Lague says the state is looking to increase state aid. The state aid project regarding e-books and expanding the collections. 


Director of Assessing, Karen Zukauskas

Recertification of town costs about 120K. 

30K-Fiscal 15

30K-Fiscal 16

55K-Fiscal 17

This method would save a little initially. But this would not include residential new growth/personal property data collection and what that’ll cost internally is an open question. Chair is concerned that if it costs 20K for an outside body but it costs 2,000 hours internally, it may be cheaper to have the outside group do it. This could be done via increased hours. (Increase to 40 hours which equals moving from 39.5 to 40 hours, and increase other staff by 3.5 hours.) 

Union contract issues comes in to play to increase hours or change hours. FinCom member thinks maybe staying away from hours issues until Fiscal 15 when the contract opens naturally may be the way to go. 

Bruce Beckham for Chapman Street. 


Fiscal 15 Revenue Committee:

Feb. 7th meeting for fiscal 2015.

New growth. Avalon project. 130 structures for new growth. 400-600 last few years. Increased to 400K. 

Governor’s budget for state aid (4.936) 650K for hotels.

Jim Murgia: Fiscal 15 budget for schools 34.4 million to 34.6

Caution around increases because it carries over the following year. 

FinCom member says that the schools have not been short-changed just because the state has not fairly reimbursed the town. Jim Murgia agrees and says that Canton spends more than the least the State allows. 

Another member says Canton gets short-changed relative to its foundation because it spends more. New Bedford might get more reimbursed percentage but isn’t as far above the foundation. 

Reserve fund costs: 300K over budget on snow and ice.


Members divide chores on creating warrant. 

EDC/ADA/CPA to accept reports. But need to see reports. 

Town Clerk:

Selectmen’s meeting. (Coming March 10th) Article 5. 

Operating Budgets:

Look at OT costs of police and fire. How many people would Canton need to hire to to cover OT costs. Fire department is high. 13 additional people could have paid for. Dispatches can be freed up. 

Discussion is that if you hired more people you’d pay out less OT. But Canton doesn’t seem to be over budget in OT than any other fire department. But MAA report didn’t show that this would save money even though it seems logical. But it looks like a ‘’dead horse.’’ Another member says it’s very hard to manage. Would be more worried if it was outside the normal OT of other towns. 


ConCom. Agent is now a town employee. (Agent was a contractor.)

Travel expense used to be imbedded with contractor. Training wanted. Driveway needs replacement. Budget accounts are not understood. Town needs to do maybe a better job at educating committees on how budgets are put together and how things are funded for their departments. 

School Committee:

Revenue meeting hadn’t happened yet and no discussion since that meeting took place.

Town Website is still developing its RFP. (Request for Proposal.) 


Selectmen of March 25, 2014

This summary is for the convenience of CCTV viewers. There may be omissions and errors. 

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License Renewals for flammables. 

Business License transfer

Town election warrant: Question/Business exemption for first 100K on CPA tax. 

Election is April 8th

CAPT Luce race on May 4, one day alcoholic beverages. 


Equal Pay Day. April 8th for both sexes. 

Disposable waste contract: 

Town Administrator summary:

—2 cart system. 64 Gal solid waste. 96 Recycling cart. 

—CRT waste can be picked up for fee or brought to town. Best buy type places have to take that stuff. (CRT’s refer to computer monitors, TV’s etc.) 

—Self serve containers locations need to be decided. For white goods and CRTs. 

—Recycled materials help save money for ‘’tipping costs’’ that is, amount per ton to dump. 

—Institutions will soon face fines for good waste. 

—Program starts about July 1. 

Selectmen Discussion on contract. 

—Residents will have trash picked up and paid for with taxes. (No additional fee as in the case in many communities.)

—Carts need to be placed for automated arm. Contractor will leave the truck to get the cart when that can’t be done.

—Residents can schedule collection pick ups for coaches. And appliances can be picked up. No cost. CRT’s can be picked up at cost. At no cost you can drop it off at a container at the dump for free. 

Attorney Selectman DelVecchio supports small tweaks in contract. 

—Discussion on barrel cart size, cost and flexibility. 

96 for re-recycling. 64 for solid waste. 

Are they capable of labeling them otherwise?

—Selectmen Burr said town has successfully avoided user fees for things like trash collection. Canton will allow once per week from 64 gal and every other week 96 gal of recycling. Plus bulk can be picked up like coach. Or you can dump in off at a centralized location. CRT’s can be taken directly for a fee or for free if you drop it off. 

—To do this the output of solid waste is rationed. Other towns have 2 cart system that 64 for trash/96 for recycling. Burr suggests that Canton start of as it is proposed at 64 solid waste and 96 for recycling. 

—New regulations on recycling all the time. 5 year contract protects the town so that if laws become or onerous it’s on Republic (trash company) and not on the town.

—Athletically it looks better for have consistent rubbish. 

Bob Burr disagrees with making the carts interchangeable is counter intuitive. Feels people will chose 96 to protect themselves. But the town wants to see more go in to re-cycling (to save costs.) So it might add to the town’s cost.

Selectmen DelVecchio repeats his desire for flexibility. Wants to let people choose between 96 for waste. Feels that they were able to work with contractor for more services for a better contract for Canton and do not have to accept the contract as initially presented but can request for a 96 gallon for waste. Points out that if someone has two 64’s out there that still adds to the cost so why not allow the flexibility of having a 96 as solid waste? 

Also points out that the 64 is free. If they want the 96 they have to pay $75. So if you’re prudent they might test the 64 first because it’s free. If it doesn’t work they’ll pay for the 96. Feels selectmen are making a huge my stake without flexibility. 

Selectman Elkort feels the contract is the contract. Muddling sizes confuses what is trash and what is recycling. 

DelVecchio said they had the vendor ready to make this change but foolishly tweaked it today to make it clearer and now it’s gotten worse. And I’ve been raising this for months. 

John Connolly thanks past selectmen for making such a good contract. The question is, do we want people to get a 96 trash? I say know.

Chairman, do we perserve the language to perserve the 96 for waste? Vote for amendment to perserve 96 for waste as an option fails 3-2.

Vote for minor amendment passes 4-1.

Capital budget changes:

Station 2 to 139K and 112K differed for snowblower. Water system upgraded.

Discussion on Water front parking.

Conservation Commission expresses concern to selectmen that they will lose 16K in Capital for Police station gutters. Vote to expand mitigation money to cover 16K and allow ConCom to keep 16K.

High School Tennis courts fees. Chairman is concerned you can’t charge fees if CPA money is used. (Canton Preservation money.)

General Business

ComCast closing its facility in Canton on May 30th. New one is available in Norwood. 3.1miles. Bill Friel said he saw the facility and saw customers out the door. Board reminded customers that they can go to Verizon.

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