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CCTV uses freelancers to guarantee coverage of Canton’s local government meetings. We cover the selectmen, health board, conservation, zoning, planning board, finance committee and others. You can watch those meetings on this station unedited and often live on the days they meet. (They have to meet in the Salah Room to be seen live.) And now, you can see meetings from town hall a few days later on the web where you can scroll to the part of the meeting of interest to you.

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Zoning Board of June 26, 2014

Discussion on signs for the Luce School. But the board feels a changeable sign is ascetically unpleasing. Feels events for the school today can be communicated via social media. CAPT countered saying the sign is to remind parents that it is a half day. Superintendent says it is not on the Pleasant Street side but at the ‘‘drive way” going in to the school. ZBA worries that other schools will ask for such a sign. Mass Hospital School signage is done without permission from ZBA because it is a state school. The board then shifts its position a bit and says it is willing to put the matter on hold and put in a place that’s more internal and not visible by the neighborhood. Board wants to avoid the Stoughton, Randolph Honky Tonk look.

Link to written summaries of older meetings not seen on this page:
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CCTV profiles Greg Pando. Click the photo for an excerpt.

Click here for the full web replay.

Zoning Board members from left: Kevin Feeney (alternate member), Greg Pando, Chairman Paul Carroll, John Marini and secretary, Velma Coffey.

Canton’s Finance Director Jim Murgia (right) pictured with Kathy Butters explains in a  Canton Community TV Programming Special how the town budget is put together for Annual Town Meeting. To see the hour long program in its entirety, click here.

School Committee Meetings are on the Student Station:

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Visit the School Page for meeting summaries. School Committee meetings are also available on the web and can be linked to more easily from the Student Page.

FinCom now has its own website with additional information.

Link to FinCom website

This week’s Schedule for the

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Link to Government Meetings on the webhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/cantoncommunitytv/http://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_5_link_0

Photo: Tim O’Connor

“Suffolk Grille” on 138 at the old ‘‘Howard Johnson’s’’ site has an license changeover. Some selectmen aren’t sold on a ‘‘Round About’’ at Devoll Field and they debate on the best and safest way to gets boats in the Reservoir.

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Link to Government Meetings on the webhttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phphttp://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_6_link_0

Selectmen of July 22

Repeats Thursday-Tues. 

(July 24-29) 

6AM,  2 PM, 10 PM

Planning Board of July 23

Repeats Thursday-Tues.

(July 24-29)

8 AM, 4 PM, Midnight

Conservation Commission of July 23

Repeats Thursday-Sun.

(July 24-27)

11 AM, 7 PM, 3 AM

Zoning Board of July 24 Live 7PM

Repeats Monday-Tues. 

(July 28 & 29)

11 AM, 7 PM, 3 AM

Click photo to Selectmen John Connolly talk with Republic Services about how to use the new automated trash system, what to do with bulk items, and how to recycle. The new trash barrels will be dropped off starting Monday. System starts July 7th.

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Selectmen of June 24, 2014

Selectmen were busy June 24th. Topics included discussions about residential access to Reservoir Pond (Pictured is Kevin Feeney of the ZBA and ADA). Also selectmen got a lot of feedback on residential street parking tickets for train access. (Due to the unexpected length of the meeting it is split in 2 video files on the web.) 


Zoning Board wants to discuss with the Planning Board affordable housing V. handicapped accessible for Grimes Crossing before making a ruling.