What is Cable 12 and Verizon 41 ?

CCTV works with the video production class at Canton high to help cover events at Canton’s schools. Sports, guest speakers, graduation and school committee meetings are examples. The students also produce their own shows that are played on the station.

     Verizon 41 & ComCast 12

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This week’s schedule for

“The Student Station”

     Verizon 41 & ComCast 12

School Committee Meeting Web Linkshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/cantoncommunitytv/http://cantoncommunitytv.pegcentral.com/index.phpshapeimage_7_link_0

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CHS Graduation Ceremony 2019

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(June 20-26)

6 AM, 11:30 AM, 6 PM, 11 PM

Scholastic Honors Night 2019

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(June 20-26)

8:30 AM, 2 PM, 1:10 AM

CHS Senior Prom:

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(June 20-26)

11 AM, 4:30 PM, 8:30 PM

School Committee of June 13, 2019 

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(June 20-26) 9 PM

CHS Senior Externship: Repeats Thursday-Wed.(June 20-26)

5 PM

Verizon HD 2143:  

Verizon customers tune to HD Verizon 2143 to see Canton High sports and town events in stunning HD. Tune to the HD station for schedule details listed on its bulletin board.

“Windows into the Classroom”

Canton MA Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Fischer-Mueller talks about Project Based Learning with both teachers and students.