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Government Channel: 

Visit Cable 22 / Verizon 42

For government meetings, playback times and more. Click to the “Government Page” for important links to the town page, notes on the meetings, related “Canton Citizen” articles and much more.

Student Station

Visit Cable 12 /Verizon 41

For CHS sports, school events and school committee and student productions. Click to “The Student Station” for important school committee links, related “Canton Citizen’’ articles, videos and more.

Community Channel:

Visit Cable 8 or Verizon 43 for community volunteer programs and local events. Click to “Community Station” for Canton videos related “Canton Citizen” articles and much more.

The television schedule is typically updated on Thursdays.

Local TV Schedule:

Feb. 14 - 20, 2019

Senior Center Presentation:

Various speakers this winter’s archives

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14-20)

6 AM, 10 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM, 10 PM

Canton Public Library Author Presentation:

Various authors from this winter’s archives

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14-20)

8 AM, Noon, 4 PM, 8 PM

Paul Revere Heritage House Tour:

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14-20)

9 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM, 9 PM

FinCom “Double Header” Meetings of Feb. 11 and 13:

(Meeting of Feb. 13 comes on right after meeting of Feb. 11th)

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14 - 20) 6 AM, Noon, 6 PM,

Board of Health of Feb. 11.

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14 - 20)

11AM, 5PM, 11PM

Boys Basketball Game V Mansfield:

Wrestling Senior Night:

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14 - 20)

6:00 AM, 11 AM, 4 PM, 9 PM

“Dog Pound” “On Track”

with the Sullivan Brothers.

Sean Sullivan interviews his older brother Gerry on running Track.

Repeats Thursday-Wed.

(Feb. 14-20)

7 AM, Noon, 5 PM, 10PM

Boys Hockey V. Hanover

Repeats Friday - Wed.

(Feb. 15-20)

7:30AM, 12:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 10:30PM

School Committee of Feb. 7

Repeats Thursday-Sun.

(Feb. 14-17)

9AM, 2 PM, 7PM, Midnight

Girls Hockey V. Hingham

Repeats Mon.-Wed.

(Feb. 18-20)

9AM, 2 PM, 7PM, Midnight

Massasoit Honors Celebration Dec. 2018

Canton has a new “Make a Space” room where kids learn about Science.

“Soldier X” - The Xavier Machuga Story

From Video Production Teacher, Ed McDonough. The

Mansfield game he got two points in is now on the

“Educational Station.”

Boys’ Hockey V Hanover game of Feb. 13

Replays Start on

ComCast 12 and Verizon 41 starts on Valentines Day!

Also available in HD on Verizon 2143

Boys’ Hockey Senior Night.

Click photo for link.

Also available in HD on Verizon 2143

You’ll love

this game!